Best Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Acquire more leads and engage your customers
with our professional email marketing services.

Email marketing is promoting a business message to individuals or group of people utilizing emails. In its broadest sense, each email sent to a potential or current client could be considered email marketing. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your customers while also promoting your business. You can easily and quickly reach target market cost effectively.

Email Marketing Services

Objectives of Email Marketing

Increase sales and leads
Drive traffic to your website
Increase repeat business
Increase brand awareness

Benefits of email marketing

Target audience as per the requirement, i.e. Age, Location, Income, etc.
Low cost marketing method
Get result instantly

Why email marketing is important for your company

Email Marketing Company in Mumbai, India

Email Marketing is one of the most effective and powerful marketing solutions for businesses today. Offering a wide source to connect and communicate with the larger global audience, email marketing can earn 40% additional sales. It is also one of the best ways to increase your web traffic and connect with existing and new customers. With our email marketing services in Mumbai you can quickly boost your marketing budget even further by sharing your views and ideas, strengthening customer relationships, and improving brand awareness via email marketing services in Mumbai. We offer a comprehensive range of easy-to-use email marketing tools that can help you in seamlessly building your email lists to designing, sending messages to the target audience and tracking email opens and clicks.

We offer professional email marketing services to our clients. We design the mailers, build the campaign and send it to the targeted audience.

Email Marketing Packages

Why Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the easiest and quick ways to drive relevant traffic to your website. Like PPC campaigns you can choose the location in your email marketing campaign. Even you can drill down the email addresses to get the high ROI. We are networked with multiple inventories offering diverse segmentation and targeting possibilities. We have options to target different group of audiences like Gender, occupation, location, age, etc.

Our Email marketing packages at Mumbai are based on the targeted audience. Call us now and let us understand your requirement. After discussion we would be able to provide you best suitable packages.

Why email marketing is important for your company


Set goals for email marketing campaign

Set Goals and Priority

Goals are where it all begins. Goals of the campaign must be defined clearly and we must clear the objective of the campaign, whether to increase conversions or to increase traffic.

Sort out the targeted audience from database

Sorting Database

Once the objectives are clear, we need to sort out the targeted audience based on the requirement (i.e. income, geography, sex, age, etc.) We create group of the targeted audience and schedule the mailer.

Email template design and development

Email Template Design

Every Email campaign is unique and we recommend using a unique content and design for the mailer. We provide designing option or client can also provide their design in HTML format.

Set up Email Marketing campaign

Email Marketing campaign

We set up the design to our Email Marketing Software. We add the recipient group as approved by the client and stay ready for email shoot up.

Email blast in email marketing

Email blast

We schedule the date and time and blast the mailer in certain slots. We check the email bounces and analyze the reason and accordingly take next step depending upon the reason for bouncing and non-delivery.

Tracking performance of the mail campaign

Tracking Performance

Finally, the results of the email campaign, such as open rate, click rate, bounces, and other parameters are captured and analyzed and shared with the client.