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Catapult sales and outrank competitors in the crowded online market. Optimize product pages, enhance user experience, and skyrocket your revenue.

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Increased Website Traffic

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Yelkotech's ecommerce SEO experts, with over 16 years of experience, target the right keywords to generate organic traffic on your website and drive growth.

Reduced Bounce Rate

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Our SEO strategy addresses factors which contribute to high bounce rates and ensures that visitors not only land on your website site but also stay engaged.

Higher Conversion Rates

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As an ecommerce SEO expert we drive organic traffic on your website, which has high intention to get convert based on comprehensive keyword research.

Better ROI

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Our Holistic approach harness the true power of ecommerce seo and delivers better ROI.

We have 18+ years of experience in SEO services and we help our clients to achieve first page ranking in Google to generate maximum Organic Traffic, Leads, Sales & Best ROI through our tried and tasted SEO techniques and white hat SEO Strategies.

Reach out to the global audience through our high impact eCommerce solution

We help your website to rank in the First Page of Google with our Ethical SEO Services.

Get your keywords on Google’s first page with our expert SEO services and boost your organic traffic, leads and sales.

We are a team of SEO experts providing best SEO services in Mumbai, India and helping our clients to produce new business every day with the detailed knowledge of Google ranking factors.

Boost Your Online Sales with Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Gain an edge in the competition is to delight Google’s local ranking algorithm. To achieve it, we concentrate on building reputable industry citations. We use well-established and authoritative portals to build to create citations for your business. Moreover, websites that are well regarded in the community are strongly indexed by the search engines. Our technology helps to identify the Hyperlocal resources where you need to be listed. Additionally, we optimize your business to local listings by creating a link building strategy focused around your business industry or service area.

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Local seo

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Helped Monginis to Improve ROI by 4 Times.

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Conversion rate optimization

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Our SEO Process

Comprehensive Website Audit

Our process starts with conducting comprehensive website analysis to find out any optimization errors. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to lay the foundation for a targeted SEO strategy.

Competitors Analysis

By Evaluating a competitor's SEO strategy we gain valuable insights of the keywords, content and backlink and use those data to outrank competition.

Site Structure and Navigation

We analyze and Optimize website navigation and architecture for user-friendliness and search engine crawlability. The aim is to ensure seamless navigation and enhanced user experience.

Keyword Research

We use advanced keyword research tools to identify high intent keywords relevant to your products and target audience, forming the basis of your SEO strategy.

On-Page Optimization

We Implement strategic keyword placement and optimize content to increase your website's visibility in search engine results.

Technical Optimization

We Address more than 200 technical aspects of the website such as website speed, mobile responsiveness, etc. to ensure your website meets search engine standards for higher ranking in SERP.

Link Building

Design and develop a robust, ethical link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks, establishing your website as an authoritative source within your industry.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Fine-tune your website to convert visitors into customers. Enhance product pages, optimize the checkout process, and implement persuasive calls-to-action for improved conversions.

Ongoing Optimization and Reporting

Continuously monitor, analyze, and refine your SEO strategy. Our experts Provide regular reports detailing performance metrics, and adjust the approach to align with evolving search engine algorithms.

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E-commerce SEO involves optimizing an online store’s website and content to enhance visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic and improving the chances of attracting potential customers.

Yes, effective E-commerce SEO can significantly boost sales by increasing website visibility, attracting targeted traffic, and optimizing the user experience to enhance conversions.

The time to rank on the 1st page varies based on competition, industry, and strategy. It typically takes a few months for noticeable improvements, with ongoing efforts for sustained results.

Not necessarily. E-commerce SEO often involves strategic optimizations rather than a complete overhaul. Changes may include content enhancements, technical improvements, and user experience refinements.

Address duplicate content by implementing canonical tags, 301 redirects, or using Google’s preferred version. Regularly audit and consolidate similar content to avoid search engine confusion.

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