The best ways to promote your brand through online reviews and testimonials

Ecommerce online reviews and testimonials

It takes a lot of effort to convert a “Business” into “A Well-Established Brand”. Using different marketing strategies to promote and create awareness about your business can be comparably simpler than making a huge crowd follow your “Brand Preference” is difficult.

When we look around there are many brands known for the worst business management and poor customer services.

In opposite there are many brands where just by listening to their brand names people get assured about the quality, dependability and assurance they won’t get fraud.

If you don’t want to be like the former example I mentioned and be the latter one, the question is how to assure people about the reliability of your brand.

Let the crowd know from the crowd itself.

For your online store, you did all the way you could to promote your business and create brand awareness so that it can increase your sales and conversions through various online marketing campaigns such as link building, SEO, PPC(Google Ads and Meta ads), social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and email marketing. But as an online store owner, you can’t underestimate the power of your customer reviews and testimonials. Customer testimonials can enhance the effects of your other marketing campaigns. 

What are online reviews and testimonials?

The online reviews and testimonials are the social proof given by your customers in the form of reviews, ratings, feedback, social media posts and videos about their experience with your brand.

How important are online reviews and testimonials?

According to a source, 93% of the users consider looking for an online review before deciding on purchasing the product. If we think practically, how would a buyer trust a marketer because for them a marketer will overvalue the product to sell for its customers? We need to consider the buyer’s persona throughout the purchasing journey. 

Even if the product is liked by the buyer he would still have some doubts before spending his money so he will check how many people are buying these products, the ratings of the product, testimonials of the product, and reviews given to the online store to ensure whether it is trustable and credible enough to buy something, customer support centre reviews whether it is supportive enough to solve the problems and refund & return policy to know whether any problem arises when during this procedure on various platforms like social media(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and search engines. 

The question is how to get reviews from the customers.

Most of the customers are sceptical so they won’t bother leaving a comment or review for your brand or product but you can motivate the customers to leave comments in the following ways 

  • Giving a discount or points whenever they leave a review on the product.
  • Giving a rating pop-up after the buyer has completed the purchasing process.
  • Ask for feedback through e-mail surveys regarding your purchasing experience with your brand.
  • Use social media platforms to encourage the buyer to leave a post, review, or video on their personal social media account. (User Generated Content)

Now that we know the various ways to get online reviews let’s see how we can best utilise them to increase the reliability of the brand and product

Add reviews to the ads of the PPC campaign

With compelling and visually appealing ads displayed on Google (Google Ads) on search engines, Facebook and Instagram (Meta ads) on social media, adding reviews on the landing pages of these ads will boost brand awareness and boost sales.

Add reviews on organic search result

By using Product Schema Markup while showing the ratings through “product schema” it increases the click-through rate as the buyer can spot the rates at first sight on the search engine result page.

Use Social media to generate UGC

Social media marketing has the power of getting “viral”. So we need to leverage the use of social media in the best way possible because often posting various content won’t lead to a “Robust Brand”. 

The world of social media has become a part of life where people share their everyday activities on their accounts. Many loyal customers who use social media will do the same, share their opinions, and get help from these free and loyal endorsers through different social media campaigns by encouraging them with different Loyalty campaigns.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool when it comes to engaging your customers. We send Personalised welcome emails, post-purchase emails, cart-abundant emails and promotional emails to our customers to connect with them, inform them and educate them. Adding review to your different marketing campaigns will increase your brand value and authority.

YouTube ads 

Apart from YouTube ads to be featured based on product specifications and designs, invest in creating an ad using various video testimonials and content gathered from your customers by arranging them into one single clip while displaying it on YouTube.

Influencer testimonials

Influencers can be your customers too. Testimonials and reviews by influencers mentioning your brand and your brand products can drastically affect your brand value. 


Consistently providing the best services and your customers’ valuable responses will help your brand to be known as a customer-centric brand.

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