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Reach customers worldwide or focus on a specific region – our PPC experts tailor campaigns to your business goals, ensuring a global reach with a local touch.

Would you like to achieve this with our result-oriented PPC services ?

Improve ROI

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Elevate your PPC campaigns with our data-driven strategies, ensuring every dollar spent delivers optimal returns. 

Increase Conversion Rate

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Our experts transform clicks into loyal customers through compelling ad copy and strategic landing page optimization. 

Grow Sales

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Our targeted advertising campaign and audience segmentation place your products in front of the right customers at the right time, maximizing sales potential. 

Reduce Cart Abandon Rate

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Our strategies re-engage users who abandon their carts, touching them to complete their purchase and contributing to an improved overall conversion funnel.

We have 18+ years of experience in SEO services and we help our clients to achieve first page ranking in Google to generate maximum Organic Traffic, Leads, Sales & Best ROI through our tried and tasted SEO techniques and white hat SEO Strategies.

Expert Ecommerce PPC Management - Reach Your Audience with Our Thane Team!

Gain an edge in the competition is to delight Google’s local ranking algorithm. To achieve it, we concentrate on building reputable industry citations. We use well-established and authoritative portals to build to create citations for your business. Moreover, websites that are well regarded in the community are strongly indexed by the search engines. Our technology helps to identify the Hyperlocal resources where you need to be listed. Additionally, we optimize your business to local listings by creating a link building strategy focused around your business industry or service area.

Amplify Your Ecommerce Brand's Visibility & Revenue!

We help your website to rank in the First Page of Google with our Ethical SEO Services.

Get your keywords on Google’s first page with our expert SEO services and boost your organic traffic, leads and sales.

We are a team of SEO experts providing best SEO services in Mumbai, India and helping our clients to produce new business every day with the detailed knowledge of Google ranking factors.
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Case Studies

Local seo

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Helped Monginis to Improve ROI by 4 Times.

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Conversion rate optimization

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Our E-Commerce PPC Services Process

Define Goals with Measurable KPIs

We collaborate with you to set clear, measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business objectives, ensuring a focused and results-driven PPC strategy.

Audience Segmentation

Precise audience segmentation is paramount. We identify and target specific audience segments, tailoring campaigns to their preferences and behaviors for maximum impact and engagement.

Competition Analysis

Thorough analysis of your competitors allows us to identify market trends, refine strategies, and position your brand uniquely, ensuring a competitive edge in the crowded digital landscape.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research is the foundation of our campaigns. We identify high-performing keywords relevant to your business, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience, driving quality traffic and conversions.

Campaign Design

Our experienced team crafts meticulously designed PPC campaigns, aligning with your goals and leveraging industry best practices to maximize visibility, engagement, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Compelling Ads

Engage your target audience with captivating ad copy. We create compelling ads that resonate with your audience, driving click-through rates and increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into valuable customers.

Create Relevant Landing Pages

A seamless user experience is crucial. We design and optimize landing pages to align with ad content, ensuring visitors find relevant information quickly, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved user satisfaction.

Monitor and Optimization

Continuous monitoring is key to success. We closely track campaign performance, making real-time adjustments to optimize for better results. Our agile approach ensures your campaigns are always at their peak effectiveness.


Transparency is our priority. We provide comprehensive reports that outline key metrics, performance insights, and the impact on your goals. Regular reporting enables data-driven decision-making and a clear understanding of your PPC campaign's success.

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