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Unlock instant credibility and reach millions! Elevate your brand with influencer marketing – the proven shortcut to authenticity, trust, and skyrocketing sales.

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Brand Awareness

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We connect you with influencers who align seamlessly with your brand identity, ensuring maximum exposure to your target audience.

Trust and Credibility

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Leveraging influencer-generated content enhances your brand's authenticity, resonating with consumers and establishing trust in your products or services.

Right Influencer for Better Results

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We meticulously select influencers based on your brand's unique needs and target audience, ensuring a perfect match for optimal results.

Increased Sales

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Collaborate with influencers to create enticing promotions, exclusive deals, and limited-time offers that drive sales and boost your bottom line.

We have 18+ years of experience in Influencer Marketing and we help our clients to achieve first page ranking in Google to generate maximum Organic Traffic, Leads, Sales & Best ROI through our tried and tasted SEO techniques and white hat SEO Strategies.

Best industry-specific influencer marketing strategies according to the need in the process.

Being a result oriented influencer marketing agency in Mumbai, Thane India. We understand that influencer marketing is more than just endorsements; it’s about genuine connections and peer-to-peer recommendations. Our approach transforms influencer marketing into a full-funnel channel, from activation to performance, driving meaningful actions. We specialize in crafting social and influencer campaigns that not only capture attention but also deliver remarkable results. With us, your brand becomes famous for all the right reasons, leaving a lasting impact in the world of influencers and social media.

Accelerate Your Online Success with Proven Digital Marketing Consulting Expertise

Our Digital Marketing Consulting agency in Mumbai, Thane, India provides businesses with invaluable expertise in the digital realm. Our seasoned consultants offer strategic planning, audience segmentation, optimized budget allocation, SEO, content strategy, paid advertising, social media management, email marketing, CRO, data analysis, reputation management, e-commerce optimization, multichannel integration, local SEO, adaptation to trends, and training. With our guidance, businesses excel in the digital landscape, making strategic and effective online marketing decisions.

Top notch influencer Marketing Agency in Mumbai & Thane, India

Our influencer marketing agency in Mumbai and Thane, India, is your strategic partner for creating influential campaigns tailored to your target audience. With a vast influencer network spanning diverse industries, data-driven strategies, and a commitment to content quality and compliance, we make your brand shine. Our customized, creative approaches prioritize engagement metrics, and our local expertise ensures regional relevance. We excel across multiple platforms, providing comprehensive post-campaign analysis and continuous optimization. Partner with us to harness the power of influencer collaboration and elevate your brand’s presence and impact.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

Business Objectives

At Yelkotech, our process begins with a thorough understanding of your business objectives. We collaborate closely with you to define clear goals, ensuring that our influencer marketing strategy aligns seamlessly with your overarching business mission and vision.

Audience Segmentation

Precise audience segmentation is key. We conduct in-depth market analysis to identify and categorize your target audience. This ensures that our influencer collaborations resonate with specific demographics, maximizing the impact of your campaign and driving engagement.

Identify Influencers

Our meticulous influencer identification process involves assessing influencers based on relevance, engagement, and authenticity. We carefully select influencers whose values align with your brand, ensuring genuine connections that resonate with your audience and contribute to campaign success.


Negotiating with influencers is a delicate balance. We handle negotiations with transparency, fairness, and respect. Our aim is to create mutually beneficial partnerships that align with your budget while ensuring influencers are motivated to deliver their best, driving optimal results for your campaign.

Content Creation

Compelling content is the heart of any successful influencer marketing campaign. We collaborate with influencers to create authentic, resonant content that seamlessly integrates your brand message. From captivating visuals to engaging captions, every element is carefully curated to maximize impact and audience engagement.

Monitor and Reporting

Our commitment to transparency extends to campaign monitoring and reporting. We employ advanced analytics tools to track the performance of influencer collaborations in real-time. Regular, comprehensive reports provide you with actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization for maximum campaign success.

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Case Studies

Local seo

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Helped Monginis to Improve ROI by 4 Times.

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Conversion rate optimization

Helped iLeaf Banquets to Increase Leads by 4 Times

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Our influencer selection process involves meticulous evaluation based on relevance, authenticity, and alignment with your brand values to ensure a meaningful connection with your target audience.

We employ advanced analytics, tracking engagement, reach, and conversion metrics in real-time. Detailed reports provide actionable insights for continuous optimization and campaign success.

Influencer marketing can be a highly effective way to reach a specific target audience and promote products or services through trusted individuals. Influencers have built up rust and credibility with their followers, which can result in higher engagement rates and conversions compared to traditional advertising methods.

Yes, there are different types of influencers based on their follower count and niche. The most common types of influencers include micro-influencers (with 1,000 to 100,000 followers), macro-influencers (with 100,000 to 1 million followers), and mega-influencers (with over 1 million followers). Additionally, there are influencers who specialize in specific niches such as beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, and more.

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