The benefits of social media marketing for E-commerce business

Social Media

When we hear this word on first thoughts what comes to our mind is connecting people, posting pictures, likes, shares, etc. But did you think of social media as a marketing platform?

Obviously, for normal people, it won’t be a marketing platform other than discovering new things, meeting new people virtually, etc. So it is clear that people use social media platforms to find “something new” and we as marketers or business people can provide them with new content. 

People do get bored and disappointed by the same thing repeating, they need change! And if we give them that “Trend” they are looking for can help prosper our business.

How can Social Media help in E-commerce Business?

In the survey conducted by Smart Insights around 62.3% of people all around the world use different social media platforms where the average daily use is 2 hours and 23 minutes. If we talk about India, according to Data Reportal around 462 million social media users were estimated. So it has become a good opportunity to reach the targeted audiences for business purposes.

Yes, in recent years most business owners have used social media platforms as their marketing campaigns to reach a wide array of targeted audiences.

A true marketer finds the best opportunities in every way possible. It’s been a little bit of time since social media developed. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter) were just seen as a medium of entertainment. But marketers and business people find the best opportunity to promote and brand their business where the people are spending time. 

When we talk about e-commerce business the main goal is to boost sales and generate more conversions so that the product is getting a lot of attention and the Return on Investment (ROI) is maximum. 

You can achieve all of these through social media by spending a few pennies. You can use social media platforms for both organic and paid purposes. If your budget is well enough you can use a paid medium such as Facebook Ads (which features Instagram and Facebook Messengers) as well, as LinkedIn ads, etc. If your business has less budget you can focus on organic search

Let’s see what are the benefits of social media marketing

  1. To Understand your audience by monitoring the user behaviour and the needs of the people

Social media is a good platform to understand your audience as people like to share their thoughts, opinions, and likes about various things, so you can keep a watch on their demands, requirements, their opinions on your specific niches and accordingly come up with your strategies and Unique Selling Point to stand out from the crowd to boost your profits.  

  1. Able to reach the targeted audience

No doubt there is a large crowd of audiences but attracting traffic that is not related to our niche won’t be beneficial for generating sales. Suppose you have a kitchenware and crockeries business and you are promoting your business to automobile businesses. Think about whether it is even worth it. You might ask how we can reach our targeted customers. The answer is with you, understand your audience first and segregate them into different categories so that you can post content accordingly to reach the traffic that best benefits you. To generate more sales we have to focus on the people who are interested in your niche to have a high chance of conversion with a quality customer base.

  1. Helps to direct quality traffic to the website

When you post regularly on different social media platforms related to your business updates like new product launches, new product images, videos, new special offers, benefits, etc the people discovering your content will visit your website to explore other products leading to an increase in website engagement rate and boost sale.

  1. Helps in creating quality link-building opportunities

Link Building is an off-page SEO strategy where we work to increase our business Authority, Credibility, and Awareness of the people by building backlinks. Backlinks are important as they are the medium through which we can attract traffic and rank top on search engines. If you post a blog post or article, on different social media you have a high chance of sharing your post, getting more likes or giving reference to your post with various people by getting recognised for your work and business boosting your link-building strategies. 

  1. Helps to achieve new business acquirement

With attracting traffic social media can also be used to increase your business by getting recognised in your industry where other businesses will love to partner or make deals with you that can mutually benefit both businesses. You can get a new opportunity to overcome your business limitations by starting a new franchise, new investment opportunities, etc.

  1. Enhance your SEO Strategies

As we discussed above, social media drives the traffic to the website and can help in link building which can help to increase our search engine rankings as well. E-commerce SEO is a very complex process that can be time-consuming. To boost your organic search ranking you need to have patience and if you want fast results social media can help with that. As social media is not limited to one specific channel you can attract traffic from different sources which can increase the website’s visibility and rank as well.

  1. Higher chance of conversion rate

According to a survey conducted every individual researches various platforms like search engines, and social media inquires people they know or asks advice in the comment section of various social media platforms about the product or services they are interested in.

The very first and second points of our blog, are “to focus on attracting quality traffic with understanding their requirements”, when we reach to a targeted audience that is genuinely interested in making a purchase in your niche with a high transactional motive can lead to a high conversion rate if they like your product and business policies overall.

  1. Branding of your business

Being recognised by the people for your business feels good right? The hunger to get top for your business is something every business person has. There are different mediums to brand your business, but how can you be sure that the branding you have worked on is useful for your business? Getting recognised by a wide range of people is a good thing but what matters is getting recognised by the people in your niche (audience, business partners, etc) for your business methods, customer service, passion, dedication, etc. Through Social media marketing, it is possible, we can focus on promoting our business which will not only create awareness but also lead to further business growth.

  1. Promote your brand’s new product launches

Social media can be a good platform to promote your new product launches and get feedback from people about it so that it can be shared with other people to get appreciated to boost sales.

  1. Helps to increase other marketing strategies as well

Sharing your blog post on social media can increase your E-commerce SEO performance,  posting videos about new product launches on social media can increase your video marketing and many more 

All the marketing strategies are interconnected to each other and the results can be changed (increase) with integration of other marketing platforms. 

  1. Enhances your Brand’s Customer Relation Management

When people follow your business profile on different social media platforms you can better connect and communicate with them through which you can come across the different queries they are facing, their responses about the new product, and what changes you can make further to improve your product or overall business. Through Social media, your customers feel more attached and personal to your business which leads to maintaining a promising customer relationship.

  1. Able to track the outcome

Let’s take an example, Suppose you decided to run an advertisement for your business on Television that is displayed all over India, to attract a multitude of audiences but can you track how many people are watching the ad or skipping it? 

Social media marketing is the best alternative for advertising on Television spending a huge chunk of money without focusing on your targeted audience. 

Social media marketing can help acquire the required audience that can help your business grow and flourish 

  1. A Source of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a channel of digital marketing where influencers who are also known as content creators endorse and promote your brand’s products on various social media platforms. Influencer marketing has shown growing trends in recent years to boost your business conversions & sales by reaching a wide range of targeted audiences to create brand and product awareness. 

  1. User Generated Content (UGC) 

User Generated Content is a great medium to communicate and connect with the customers to engage them with your brand. By using various social media campaigns like e.g. “#” campaign your brand can ask your customers to post their photos or to create funny memes, challenges, etc which can become viral and the talk of the town especially among Gen Z.


Every marketing campaign has its benefits it depends on our requirements and strategies for using it. Social Media is one such platform where you can achieve your business goals and trust within the community as it is recognised as your business’s social identity. 

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