How to use video marketing to showcase your e-commerce products

Video Marketing

One of the reasons buyers hesitate to buy products from an online store is the fear of getting ghosted and their money will be wasted. So, as an e-commerce business owner, how will you win their trust and show them you are different from the rest and not a fraud?

By making a video about how honest and loyal you are with your customers you can show real you and win the customer’s heart.

Earning the customers’ trust video can also be a great strategy to increase your sales and awareness about your brand and products while increasing high returns.

According to a survey conducted in 14 different industries, the difference in Conversion Rate with using video marketing strategy and without using video marketing strategy shows that the former had a 4.8 % increase in conversion while the latter had 2.9%. 

Yes, video marketing has proven to be one of the best content marketing strategies to boost your conversions. but How? 

Let’s see

Knowing about the Buyer’s Persona, there won’t be any buyer who won’t research the product before deciding on purchasing it. Even though you optimise your content to be SEO-friendly by giving detailed explanations about the product, high-quality images, email marketing campaigns, etc there are still doubts in the people’s minds regarding the product in reality as they aren’t experiencing the product in real life. 

The survey conducted among the consumers stated that 89% of the people consider researching a video before buying anything as a video gives them much knowledge, is easy to understand and feel connected with the video maker.

A video guiding them about the features, highlighting the emotional points (pain points) while showing the uniqueness and how the product includes all the current needs, how the product is worth spending customers money, how to use the products, comparison about the product, reviews about the product with your personal touch and expertise increases your brand credibility and dependability.

Here are the top strategies to make exceptional video marketing strategies to showcase your products.

Make a 3D product animation video

A short 3d product animation video helps to increase the visual effects and tends to impress the buyers, encouraging them to make a lead and buy the product. A 3d video gives an experience like you are feeling the product in real life through your eyes which persuades the buyers to take quick actions.

Visually appealing videos fascinate and make them imagine how the cool product will be in real life. A short video (between 50 sec to 1 minute) from different angles will be one of the best ways to reach out to people, especially for new product launches. 

Built eagerness through product teaser

Whenever you are launching a new product the first thing is to reach the right audience to let them know about your product. A teaser with a 3d video will help in the pre-product launch and increase your pre-bookings of the product. It’s like “killing two birds with one stone” Good Right

You can post it on your official social media account and also collaborate with content creators and influencers to further educate your audience about the unique features and their opinions regarding the products to hike sales.

Product Explanation and Reviews Video 

Especially helpful for high technology electronics gadgets product features and specification explanation videos can be beneficial for both the buyers and the store owners as the buyers can get to know about the product and benefits which can clear the doubts of which product to buy leading to conversions.

In addition, you can further elaborate it into different segments of the product videos like how-to-use, tips and tricks to use, short-cuts to use, comparisons, make problem-solving videos by identifying the common trouble and questions that each user faces and their special recommendation for your guidance you can connect with them to make a product video series. 

Unboxing video with Live streaming 

Livestream on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X by showing the Unboxing video as it can be a good way to convince people by giving them a live demonstration about the product by making them realise how the product looks, what other things are included in the box, it’s features and specifications, does the product includes all the pain points, price of the product, the special offer you are offering, etc. 

To increase the engagement of the customers you can even announce contests, giveaways and any other offers like exchange offers. 

Collaborating with other complementary businesses, content creators and influencers

Complementary business owners are not your competitors but the business that goes hand-in-hand with your business. For example, if you have an online furniture store you can make a collaboration video with an interior designer, if your business is related to beauty products you can ask for a collaboration with a makeup artist. 

In the same manner, you can make a deal with influencers related to your niche to give reviews, with referral discount codes, etc.

Let’s take an example of a furniture store we used before you can ask an Influencer to showcase your designer cupboard how spacious it is, how it enhances the beauty of the bedroom in a natural way that won’t seem like an advertisement and how the influencer is pleased with the product.

Repurpose Video

Creating video content needs proper planning and time for editing, new scripts and the availability of the video maker. Instead of making different videos for different platforms you can make a master video and bifurcate it into small videos like shorts on YouTube and  Reels on Instagram so that you can create a cluster of videos and post them separately based on the specific topics on different topics. This process is called Repurpose Video. 

Different ways you can make repurpose videos are 

  1. YouTube Video for a blog post.
  2. Social media videos on website landing page, and product category page.
  3. YouTube videos on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. 
  4. Videos embedded with calls to action so that the buyer can purchase the product right away while watching the video 
  5. Customer Experience and Reviews (testimonials) videos into ads. 

Welcome user-generated video

Just imagine people loving and being satisfied with your product, giving their opinions and reviews on the product won’t it be great? Here you don’t have to spend on ads or ask someone to make a video, your brand is getting promotion from the users themselves. 

The survey conducted by Forbes stated that brands using UGC campaigns have witnessed a damping growth of 29% in their conversion rate. 

UGC reference to your brand can be in many forms like reviews, Instagram posts, DIY, etc. You can come up with a UGC campaign with a “#” campaign and encourage people to participate in it which can become viral and beneficial for your brand. 

Other than promoting UGC can help you to know your target audience and improve your business, know their stories and connect with them. 


Be aware and don’t make a video that sounds like a robot or an ad because you can’t expect just because you are making a video your sales will be at a hike even though the quality of your video is low. By quality, I didn’t mean the resolution but the content inside the video.

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