YouTube Video Marketing

Build Your Brand with Yelkotech's Expert YouTube Marketing Services!!!

YouTube is the gold mine to cash in your business!!! Enhance your presence, build loyal customers, and get targeted traffic to your website, with YouTube video marketing!!!

Create  about us  videos or slideshows, commercials, and how-tos to maximize your visibility on popular search engines. We work with you to create videos that are easily visible on YouTube search results.

Importance of YouTube Marketing

For successful business promotion, YouTube video marketing is the latest advertising method, gaining rapid popularity. However, you can't make it on YouTube alone, you need a premium YouTube video marketing firm that can help you promote your business, and that is where Yelkotech's YouTube Marketing plan comes into play!

We maintain a schedule and theme for publishing video content, the first 24 hours are critical for the success of cross-platform marketing. Once we have the metrics, we concentrate on next action and greater viewer engagement.

Using the YouTube insight statistics, we identify the key opinion leaders in the YouTube community, online media, video blogs, and social media to promote your videos, until we obtain the desired number of targeted audience on your website. We use the Google Analytics reports to measure the traffic on your website and marketing efficiency and advertising ROI.

Our YouTube Marketing Process

  • We create a YouTube Channel that Perfectly Match Your Website
  • Curated Titles, Descriptions and Transcription Texts with Relevant, High-Ranking Keywords Embedded in Your Videos to Promote Greater Visibility
  • Embedding a Custom YouTube Button into Your Website for Directing Traffic to Your Channel
  • Channel Customization- Creating and Optimizing YouTube Channels, including Brand and Partner Channels
  • Videography Services, including, Shooting, Editing, Titling & Encoding Video for the Web
  • YouTube Marketing Production involving project ideas presentation, conducting interviews & uploading videos

We create premium video content by utilizing the YouTube keyword tool to discover relevant and high-ranking keywords for your video marketing campaign. With the right set of keywords we create specific tags, titles and video descriptions to help promote your videos and be discovered in YouTube search results.

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