The best practices for e-commerce content marketing

Content Marketing

Have you ever wondered how content marketing can help grow your e-commerce business?

Many might have such kind of opinion that we are investing in many campaigns and we have enough visitors on our website so why content marketing?

The simple answer to this question is business doesn’t stop at sufficient customers, targets and revenue generation. Content marketing can help reach the target audience, and drive them to our website, to boost conversion and sales.

In e-commerce, Content is like a bridge that connects you with your potential customers.

Multinational Giants Like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart, know the power content marketing holds to overcome the limits and reach an even greater range of audiences through various mediums.

So let’s find out what are the best practices for e-commerce content marketing

What is content marketing?

It is a marketing technique to attract new audiences, engage your audience to visit back with a pure intention to help them by creating high-quality, original content and promote your business, create brand awareness build trust in the minds of the people

Why is Content Marketing important for e-commerce business?

Content marketing can help a business to connect with its audience emotionally and develop a friendly relationship, It is a best practice to maintain relationships with loyal customers and guide new users about our business. 

Why would a new user like to take any action with your business if he/she isn’t aware of your business principles, trust and credibility? It might be the case that they are aware of your business but are hesitating to take any action for fear of fraudulence. How can you win the trust of them?

Content Marketing can help you with that. When you create content keep “User” as your top priority like guides, blogs, videos, social media posts, etc you can start the first step in placing the valuable trust in the eyes of the people. 

In addition, content marketing can give a better Return on investment (ROI) by driving more organic traffic without even spending a penny.

How to build a content marketing strategy?

  • Find out and arrange your goals based on your business priorities and requirements.

For example, to get discovered and create awareness about your business, to boost sales, to increase brand reputation, etc.

  • Once your goals are set, think about what kind of content your audience is looking for.
  • What type of content will you make? 
  • Write content with the audience in mind.
  • Think about the different mediums where you are going to post

Let us understand the different best content marketing practices we can implement in our business:

Understand your audience’s requirements and the possible difficulties they’re facing in your niche

For any business, knowing your audience’s current requirements is important so that you can improve and ignore those issues in your further business strategies. Ask your audiences through feedback forms, reviews and surveys what their current requirements are and the common difficulties they face through their buyer’s journey by understanding and helping them further. You can also use Google Trends to come up with new ideas.

Take a peep at your competitors

By keeping a watch and knowing what type of content your competitors are creating in your niche industry you can come up with better, relatable and unique versions of the content like market research, infographics, and your experiences and expertise in the subject matter to attract organic traffic.

Detailed Product Description with proper instructions about each stage 

In an e-commerce business product description is the medium to make your audience understand the features and specifications of the product. Detailed information about the products, and guiding them about the different stages involved in purchasing the product with video can clear the doubts that can be beneficial for the potential visitors to convert into potential buyers.

Flipkart is the best example to show you the best product description based on different product elements with images and specifications to clear the queries of the buyers.

Guiding Video post

Videos are preferred by many audiences to cut their time to read. In many cases even after reading descriptions about the products there are still doubts that can be resolved through videos. You can also add the videos made by your influencers as it will increase the credibility and trust which will be helpful to clear the dubiousness and suspicion to further make buying decisions. Share it on Social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook because the video from your official site will be more trusted. 

Create a difference and comparison-based content

By showing the difference by creating comparison content you can help the audience who are in the process of buying the product and researching for the best results. Comparison-based content can imprint a strong impression on buyers’ decisions by highlighting the special and specific features of the product you are comparing.

Amazon Comparison Page for Smartphone

screenshot showing the comparison content of different features of smart phone

Built trust with User Generated Content 

Positive reviews favour your product’s buying decision, ask your customers to leave a review with their photos and comments to have a strong impression on the new buyers.

Share your business stories

Who doesn’t like storytelling? Your audiences will love to read your stories about your business journey, play with words to add some personal and funny elements to engage and connect with your audience and make a separate section for the stories.

Blogs with the best SEO Tactics

Share your expertise and help the people who are searching for solutions by writing high-quality and engaging content in your blogs. Choose a main topic around which you can write various sub-topics which is known as a “cluster of contents”

For example, if the main topic is “Smartphone” it will be your “pillar page” around which you can write subtopics “clusters” based on “Top 10 smartphones under 20,000 Rs”, “ Top 10 Gaming Smartphone”, etc.

Urban Ladder Blogs

To give you an actual example, “Urban Ladder” an e-commerce-based furniture company has created a “Pillar Page” on “Kitchen” around the cluster topics on styling tips, designs, etc.

E-commerce SEO Optimisation will enable your blog is reaching to audience by being visible and ranking higher on SERP with best SEO practices.

Guest Blog Posting

Guest Blog Posting is a method where you post a blog on another domain’s website which helps to create backlinks and drive traffic to your website. In content marketing, you don’t solely concentrate on increasing your sales but also authority, dependability and credibility while creating awareness and prestige for your business. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the best platform to engage your audience by asking them to create a post and share it with their friends, e.g. memes, pictures of using the product, reviews, comments, etc.

The Content Marketing Strategy of Dunzo is not only limited to promoting their business but also engaging their customers by encouraging them to create funny memes on their social media accounts.    

A Glossary Page to let people know about the various attributes

There are various specific and unique attributes for each product, and it’s different in each country. For eg the size chart of the clothes, Shoe Size Chart, etc. We can’t assume that the buyers are aware of all the elements of the products. It is the best way for SEO optimisation as it will increase the chances of visibility and ranking based on keyword research. 

Screenshot of "Myntra" size chart glossary.

Myntra has displayed a good explanation of the different size charts so that the buyer won’t get confused and shop for the product with ease.


Based on the study of the past purchased buyers asked questions or by generalising the question that will be asked by the buyers, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) should be added to the product landing page to help the buyers to decide. 


Content marketing can provide your business with the best opportunity to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible. When executed properly with uniqueness, originality, and high quality you’ll be contended with the results. 

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