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Your reputation is everything and
we understand the value of a great reputation.

Your business image is everything for you to get more business. If it is under attack you may lose some important upcoming projects and may affect your ongoing work. As search engines improve your website rankings it can also spoil your business image. This is a right time to start building your business image. If you wait until it gets damaged, it will be too late. Don't wait until it is getting spoiled and then do positive activities to change it. It is important to build positive reputation as early as possible.

We are leading online reputation management service provider in Mumbai, India, helping you to effectively build and maintain your brand on the Internet. We know that as Internet is expanding, the threats and opportunities are also increasing in parallel.

We work with individuals and companies to manage and maintain their online reputation. Our experienced team can promote positive content about you and your business to remove the negative content.

Online Reputation Management Company in Mumbai, India

Online reputation management is also known as ORM. Online reputation management is all about improving your brand name and value online in this digital world. One of the great things about the digital age is that it has become easy for individuals to instantly share their thoughts and opinions about your business with others socially. Happy customer will share their good experiences and unhappy customers may share their bad experience. While positive comments can be great for a company, negative ones can be quite dangerous. Hence it becomes highly important to maintain your and your business's reputation online in today's competitive world.


Monitor online reputation of your website


We analyze diverse aspects of your website and different negative content online. We will try to look for a source of the problem, implementing a strong brand management campaign that stops negative posts about your brand or business.

Online reputation building

Reputation Building

Since social media plays a significant role in building or ruining your image online, we will also keep a track on how the social media is influencing your reputation, taking corrective measures wherever necessary.

Content management

Content Management

Our expert and knowledgeable content writing team helps us to create fresh, original and positive content for your business.

SEO practices which help positive reviews to appear on top of search engine results

Search Engine Optimization

Our professional SEO team at Yelkotech utilizes the right SEO practices, allowing your positive reviews to appear on top of search engine results. We also make sure that the negative content is pushed down in SERP where it cannot be viewed by consumers.

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