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Influencer Marketing is the next big thing in marketing. The traditional ‘Word of Mouth’ is now replaced by ‘Digital Word of Mouth’. This is where Yelkotech steps in, as it is one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies that helps your brand connect with the audiences through trusted influencers. Help your brand stand out from the rest and generate the right amount of traffic with the help of top bloggers, social media influencers and vloggers.

The influencer marketing services at Yelkotech are top-notch, as we always push the envelope by generating brand awareness, reaching the desired target market and resulting in quality leads through our creative influencer marketing techniques and strategies.

Yes, content is king! But it is of no value unless it is marketed and delivered to the target audience. Our influencer marketing services provide just that by carving out a specific campaign for your brand. We have tie-ups with the top influencers in the industry who can promote and endorse your brand, thus helping you achieve your goals.

We, at Yelkotech, are a full-time influencer marketing agency with a specialist team that studies your brand goals in depth and strategises the campaign. Be it about converting potential customers or maximizing the reach for your new product, Yelkotech can do it all.

We not only design an influencer marketing campaign for your brand and execute it, but also assess it continuously through our digital marketing analysts. This is because we believe in constant upgradation and also conduct A/B testing to churn out best possible results for your brand. Yelkotech has already served top-tier clients and has created a benchmark of its own in the field of digital influencer marketing.

The scope for influencer marketing is increasing even as you read. But it’s about hitting the right chords with the right influencers. For eg. you cannot approach a lifestyle blogger for a sports brand. Similarly, you cannot hire any influencer only because of one’s followers. Yelkotech takes immense pride in being one of the few influencer marketing agencies that conduct a detailed research and analysis of which influencer fits where. We have different digital influencer marketing campaigns and services based on your brand (and budget :p).

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns we specialize in:

A Host Giveaway Campaign done by an experienced social media influencer can result in a high amount of social action, i.e. like, share, comment and follow. This works wonders for your company in generating brand awareness and maximizing its reach to potential target audiences.

Sending Gifts is another cool way of promoting your brand. This is where you send products to an influencer and generate free publicity in return. This is a simple ‘Give & Take’ campaign.

Sponsoring Blog posts through top bloggers is something very common but still very much in trend and fashion. This is where you pay an influencer for writing a blog about your product/brand on their page and promoting it on various social media channels. Same can be done through Vlogging.

You can always opt for a celebrity or a social media sensation with huge followers to become a brand ambassador for your company/brand. This is where they’ll regularly keep posting good things about your brand and generate terrific leads through continuous influencer marketing.

You can also highlight Youtubers or Instagrammers with more than 1 million followers to not only generate brand awareness but also result in quality leads for your brand. But all this depends on the brand type and the product you’re marketing. So it’s better if you leave it to Yelkotech – the best digital influencer marketing agency in Mumbai.