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How you connect to your customers? What people think about your products? Social Media is answer of these questions. It is a platform to connect with your customer and talk with them. If you are not doing it, it is time for you to go social. We can help you to make social media the voice of your brand, and the right marketing platform to expose your unique products and services locally or globally.

Best Social Media Management Company in Mumbai, India

Yelkotech is one of the best and creative social media marketing companies in Mumbai, India. We work with multiple big and small companies across India, understand there SMO requirement and support them to reach to their right audience. Reach out to us for professional social media marketing services in Mumbai, India.

Top Social Media Platforms

Most of the advertisers fail to choose the social media platforms suitable to their businesses. You should choose the social media platform carefully or you may end up investing time, money and effort on networks that can't help you promote your business. We understand which channels are more appropriate for your business. So let's discuss with our social media experts and choose the right platforms for your business. We manage your Social Media engagement on below platforms:

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Peform business analysis for your brand

Perform business analysis for your brand

We analyze your business and define the right strategy to promote your brand on social media platforms. We also study the competitor's presence and stay ready with a different strategy.

Selecting social media platform for your brand

Selecting social media platform for your brand

Major Social Media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, You tube, etc. We do our homework well and select the platforms which work best for your business.

Create business pages on social media platforms

Create business pages on social media platforms

We create business pages on social media platforms. Our designing team provides best creative to boost your brand in the beginning.

Create content and engage your users with your social media page

Create content and engage your users with your social media paget

We will create sharable content and engage your users with your business page. We will talk to your users on behalf of your company, take their feedback, and provide your brand information.

Track your page performance regularly and optimize the smo strategy

Track your page performance regularly and optimize the smo strategy

We track your page performance regularly and optimize the SMO strategy to improve the results. We will also share the performance reports with you and take your opinion to move further.

Why Social Media Marketing:

Social media is becoming more important now as people are more active there. Social media can create online buzz and spread positive word of mouth for your business. Now it is not merely about creating profiles, posting information and generating likes or followers. It is the new age of internet marketing techniques to harness the effectiveness and impact of social web to promote a business and build brand awareness.

We help companies to do so. We not only manage the company's social media accounts but help them by resolving their customer's issues. We can help you to leverage the viral marketing impact of social media in engaging customers, strengthening brand reputation, and driving demands for your services. Our comprehensive social media marketing services encompass effective solutions to help you build your brand image and get it noticed by a larger global audience.

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Benefits of Social Media

Increase In Brand Awareness

In this day and age, at whatever point of any content, photograph or video turns into a web sensation, all credit goes to web based life locales. Since an online life website is a stage for individuals to interface, share thoughts, and contend with one another. In the event that you post a basic picture of your item or administration via web-based networking media locales, individuals will begin remarking in the remark box. In this manner expanding mindfulness via web-based networking media locales like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so forth turns out to be simple. We at Yelkotech, guarantee that you get the most productive online life advertising administration in Thane.

Improve Brand Recognition

Social Media marketing helps in brand acknowledgment of your business. Smartphone users check Facebook 20 times each day. With expanding web utilization overall by means of cell phones, 80% of the time spent via web-based networking media stages happen on portable devices. Facebook keeps on being the most broadly utilized online life stage. The normal active clicking factor (CTR) in Facebook advertisements over all enterprises is around 92%. The greater part of the traffic via web-based networking media locales originate from adolescents. In this manner it is anything but difficult to create brand acknowledgment through web based life showcasing.

High Conversion Rates

Posting engaging images and videos on social media networking destinations brings about high changes. The vast majority of the individuals invest their energy in web based life locales. At the point when they see any sort of connecting promotion, they create interest to visit the site of the business. They may straightforwardly purchase your item or administrations through web based life locales. It brings about a high conversion rate. You can consult with one of the best social media marketing agency in Thane to improve your conversion rate.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today on the Internet, and also the second most visited website in the world. There are almost 600 million active users on Facebook today, providing you a broader approach to find the potential consumers who can best respond to your products or services with social marketing on this website. In facebook advertising, you can get a variety of options to promote your business such as Engagement, Awareness of your business, Lead Generation, Store Visits, even getting a new community via page likes and many more.

One of the best advantages is doing Facebook Advertising, you can even interlink with your Instagram account with no extra charges.

It is the age of social media today, engaging people from 18-50 years of age to connect, interact, and share information with the larger online world. Social media has emerged as one of the most effective internet marketing tools today, offering broader avenues to the marketers to connect and communicate with the global market, promoting and building brand image and awareness.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is a remarkable marketing tool for small, medium, and large businesses. Simply, create a business profile page to  tweet  about your business, products or industry updates. Twitter audience is seeking an engagement with your company or brand before making a critical purchase decision. Your business account on Twitter is a seamless way to build a personal connection and establish trust.

With 300 million active users who send 500 million tweets per day, Twitter offers a superior marketing potential on the buzzing social network- So are You Game?

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn, a popular social networking website for business owners and professionals today, has a splendid 190 million members globally. This number includes almost 2 million C-level executives, 5.5 million hi-tech managers, and 1.3 million small business owners. With such a huge consumer base, LinkedIn advertising is fast emerging as a form of paid advertising for B2B marketers. LinkedIn ads offer highly flexible and effective targeting options, making sure your LinkedIn ads reach the right decision makers who you target. Like every other paid advertising method, LinkedIn ads need meticulous and expert management to achieve success and generate profits. At, our comprehensive LinkedIn advertising services deliver everything you need.

At Yelkotech, we promise to deliver you "Reach-Results-Return," building your brand image and reputation to the global businesses. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity!! A whopping 61% of the B2B's have earned new sales and higher profits through extensive LinkedIn advertising.

Yelkotech, social media marketing agency in Thane, is determined to provide you with a successful social media marketing service for your business. You can consult with us anytime in order to know more about social media marketing.

Instagram Advertising Services

Advertising today is largely driven by social and visual content and Instagram leads the charge from here. There are about more than 80 million images uploaded daily on Instagram and almost 3.5 billion likes of activities happen every single day on Instagram. In such cases, we as marketers cannot afford to miss utilizing Instagram for their social marketing campaigns.

With Yelkotech, we use Instagram advertising which allows marketers to achieve several goals, be it increasing brand awareness, increasing product sales, getting more leads or increasing mobile app downloads or store visits. You name it. There are various ad formats that we can utilize to meet your business goals:-

  • Photo adverts
  • Video adverts
  • Carousel adverts
  • Stories adverts

According to our research, we have seen that more than 70% of youths spend time on Instagram for 3 hours everyday, so if you have something for youths, then Instagram is your best weapon to make your business grow and as well as your community.