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Logo is not just a design; it is your identity. Let us sculpt it professionally!

The most important and striking element of a Brand, the Logo is of paramount importance. It has to be unique, eye-catching and recognizable. The logo which is designed well casts a strong impression on the target audience. Its appeal attracts new clients immediately.

Creative Logo Designing Company in Mumbai, India - Yelkotech

We are a professional logo designing company based in Mumbai, India. We create the logo which boosts brand recognition for the existing customers as well as the new ones. It communicates the corporate's core values. The logo should be pleasing to one's eyes and should be appealing.

Creative logo designing companies understand the unique personality, atmosphere, products, services, ambitions and more. Also the selling points and vision of the corporate is taken into consideration.

We design customized logo designs for the startups as well as companies. The aim is to communicate to the target audience about the unique professional personality and convey the potential to the customers.

We develop a personal, long-lasting relationship with the customer's corporate and excel in getting the right expression. The objective is to relate to the customer's requirements and get them the required results. There are many types of attractive designs a logo designing agency creates for the customer to choose from. Any professional logo design has always have proved time and again and have exceeded the customer's expectations. Therefore, when it comes to Logo design, clients rush to come to them! They are always satisfied.

How logo is important for brand identity:

We create attractive illustrations to create Brand awareness with an attention grabbing and appealing to the eyes.

Any brand logo designing brings alive the corporate identity to life with professional illustration design. We have a team of specialized graphic designers who create personalized and unique illustrated logos which captures the target audience's imagination. The logo designing company has the capability to bring the company's loo to life with memorable Brand image with top of the mind recall value.

Things to consider while logo designing:

Our logo designing experts are capable of adding a personality to the Brand. They tell the corporate's story.

The Target Audience: While designing the logo, the target audience is to be considered. It is important to know, for whom the logo is being designed.

Color: The colors denote what the Brand or Corporate stand for. Each of the colors stand for unique expressions. We provide vector illustrations for logo and also icon set design which can be used for websites, brochures and any other corporate identity related works.

Illustration: Most of the logos have illustrations to denote what services or products are offered by the corporate. Professional logo design agency opts for it, as It creates an aura and mystique revolving around the Brand.

Monogram: It is required to show a small icon which explains the products or services offered by the Brand owner.

The process of logo designing involves many stages.

Design Brief: It starts from the design brief first. The designers probe and understand what the client wants. The business objective needs to be fulfilled.

Research: Deep research is conducted by internal researchers and the designers arrive at some options based on it. Based on the research, an appropriate understanding is developed, which helps in creating the logo as per the business requirements.

Conceptualization: This is the next step and by developing an attractive concept helps in the visual identity of the brand.

Sketching & Coloring: The designers start work by sketching initially and they produce some appealing options. Based on the client's feedback, the coloring and finishing work is undertaken. Various color combinations are tried and presented to the client and their opinions are taken into consideration.

Client Approval Stage: The final process happens, when the client's feedback is taken into consideration. It is the study of likes and dislikes and how to perfect it according to client's feedback. The design team zeros on the final design and is presented to the client for approval.

Adaptation Post Finalization: The next process is about adaptation. Once the logo is finalized, then it is adapted to various applications! There is print design and web design which will follow the color schemes of the logo finalized. The brand logo designing company works on the attractive packaging design and is improvised by illustration and the color combinations of the logo finalized.

The process is completed when the logo is applied everywhere and the Brand stands out!

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