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"LinkedIn is the perfect social media advertising platform for B2B marketing."

LinkedIn, a popular social networking website for business owners and professionals today, has a splendid 150 million members globally. This number includes almost 2 million C-level executives, 5.5 million hi-tech managers, and 1.3 million small business owners. With such a huge consumer base, LinkedIn advertising is fast emerging as a form of paid advertising for B2B marketers. LinkedIn ads offer highly flexible and effective targeting options, making sure your LinkedIn ads reach the right decision makers who you target. Like every other paid advertising methods, LinkedIn ads need meticulous and expert management to achieve success and generate profits. At, our comprehensive LinkedIn advertising services deliver everything you need.

Linkedin Marketing Services

How Can We Help You?

With LinkedIn, we help you create fine-tuned advertisement campaigns for the brand or business. We offer comprehensive and intuitive LinkedIn advertising services, including all paid advertising and creative knowledge and experience that you need. With years of professional experience, we exactly know how to create the best advertising campaign that showcases and promotes your brand or business, grabbing the attention of your target audience in the most appealing manner. Our effective LinkedIn advertising services can be leveraged to increase web traffic to your website, redirecting them directly to your website landing page, with targeted and appealing content to engage customer interest and guide the audience for better conversions.

Our LinkedIn Advertising Services:

Our comprehensive and effective LinkedIn advertising services include:

  • We will create a LinkedIn profile to promote your brand or business
  • Our expert creative design team will design and develop unique and appealing bespoke advertisements to emphasize and promote your business
  • We will pinpoint to your ideal target audience base, focusing primarily on age group, industry sectors, geographical locations, and specific job titles
  • We help you tailor your LinkedIn ads to particular discussion groups to achieve greater impact
  • Hands-on, expert management of your LinkedIn ad campaign by our expert paid search specialists.
  • We will continuously monitor and improve your ad campaign, avoiding your advertising budget to go further yet generate better returns

And in addition to professional LinkedIn advertising services, Yelkotech offers value-added services and round the clock support to make your marketing campaign a successful one. By leveraging the power of LinkedIn social media to target specific group of audiences, you can essentially tap the most popular and latest discussions, customizing your ad content likewise, and making it even more appealing and relevant to the LinkedIn members. Our result oriented LinkedIn ads demonstrate your business expertise, increasing conversion opportunity and promoting your brand to the larger global businesses.

Our Guarantee!

At Yelkotech, we promise to deliver you "Reach-Results-Return," building your brand image and reputation to the global businesses. Don't miss out this lucrative opportunity!! A whopping 61% of the B2B's have earned new sales and higher profits through extensive LinkedIn advertising.

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