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An eBook can attract a lot of traffic to your business, as well as provide another source of income when it's sold directly to customers through your site or vendors such as Amazon. For example, a company that sells camera equipment could gain lots of traffic by offering free downloads of a high-quality eBook that promises to improve the reader's knowledge. The company could also choose to passively generate revenue by selling the eBook directly on their site. eBooks are an important part of the process, which can make your marketing tool more useful.

Hire Professional EBook Designers

We at Yelkotech, design high quality e-books designing services. We are here to help authors for ebook writing, proofreading, formatting/editing, designing, converting, and publishing in a friendly and hassle-free way. Our experienced ebook designers provide ebook design services at an affordable price, on time, and without compromising the quality. We take the responsibility for the procedure from start to finish, and convey precisely to your particulars.

Our EBook Services

Here is the way to meet your objective of ebook solutions;-

  • eBook Writing:
  • You have a topic / idea in mind to write something about, but you do not have professional writing skills  no issue! We'll help you to put your thoughts on paper.

  • eBook Proofreading :
  • If you already the content ready with you but you want us to proofread and edit in a professional manner which could make more interesting to read for your readers, then we will help you rewrite or edit the content.

  • eBook Designing:
  • You have a topic / idea in mind to write something about, but you do not have professional writing skills  no issue! We'll help you to put your thoughts on paper.

    Our E-book designer will create a catchy ebook cover design which will combine with text, images, graphics. You simply provide us your content/write ups in word file and we will take care of the rest, designing book covers, formatting and designing e-book pages with graphics and icons, publishing pdf e-book and printable books.

  • eBook Formatting/Editing:
  • Our eBook formatting is simple and design services are made toward ease of use for clients, providing a wide range of options, which includes both the creation of original eBooks and your customizing of already-existing text.

    Finally, our project manager make absolutely sure that everything is in order for publishing.

  • eBook Publishing:
  • Once the content and design get approved , we will begin the conversion in various formats like PDF, ePub, KF8, etc then comes the publishing part, based on your requirements, we will publish the book all the available platforms in Android, iOS and Windows which can be viewed on Readium / Kindle and Adobe Digital Edition readers.

    We offer a round of revisions absolutely free of cost. If you need something more from us, we are always there to improve the product to your satisfaction.

    We operate under a non-disclosure agreement. This means that we will not, for any reason, reuse your material or discuss it with anyone outside of the company. Even if you ultimately decide not to use our services, you are 100% protected from material exposure.

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Give life to your books with our throughout and innovative publishing ebook solutions. Our dedicated eBook designers are ready to provide you with a high-quality eBook that will help you accomplish your business goals. Contact us today for total ebook services.